Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tech Geek Christmas Freak

In my quest to learn to love "the blog" and to let you guys get to know the person behind my camera, you should know that I LOVE technology, gadgets, and software. I mean, I'm really quite the geek! I hope you all are ok with that. I can't really change.

I love buttons, and keyboards, and touch screens! I love the smell of new electronics, though, in reality, it's likely toxic (I also love the smell of new shoes--that's another topic for another day), but I digress... 

New software ranks right up there. Having a program that makes something easier and better is like candy, only not fattening, which is even better!

So, when I found this video creation software, that does amazing videos, I was thrilled! With this software, I can create incredible videos of client images for them to share, and I can create really cool promo videos for my own business. Yay!

I want to show you the one I created for my landing page, if you haven't seen it already. By the way, if you haven't seen it already, you should be spending a little more time on my website and Facebook page. Priorities! :) Just kidding, but I do really appreciate it when you do visit and sign up for my newsletter.

Anyway, here is the cool new video that is now on the landing page for HoiPolloiPhotography.com. Take a look and let me know in the comments if you like it.

What is great, is that I can use this same software to create videos of client shoots and even better, create virtual Christmas Cards for clients who book Christmas Mini Sessions! Along with being a geek, I am also a Christmas freak. A large portion of my life was spent working in, and being a buyer for a Christmas Shoppe. I could do Christmas 365-days a year!

Now you guys can benefit from my Christmas-y-ness. (I don't think that is a word, but I've seen weirder spellings in other blogs, so what the heck!) I go all out for Christmas, and I have some neat props and great ideas to make really special Christmas portraits.

The plan for the Christmas Mini Sessions is Nov 28, the Saturday after Black Friday, when you've just kicked off the official Christmas Season and are in the spirit. I will be giving out more details soon, but if you want in early, send me an email to info@hoipolloipx.com, and I'll give you the details, and let you go ahead and book your spot. Spaces are limited, so I'd like my loyal readers to have first dibs.

Combining cool tech and Christmas glitter into my photography allows me to create things you guys can treasure and share!