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Shooting People

As many of you already know, different genres of photography have their own challenges and rewards. Portrait photography is not exempt.

I have personally shot many portraits and I have also looked at and evaluated thousands of photos,  the good, the bad, yes, even the ugly in some cases. I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the best tips I have learned over the years.

Build a Warm Relationship Nothing screams amateur like really awkward, uncomfortable expressions and poses. So, if it's possible (and you aren't shooting people in street-type scenes which we will discuss in a future article), you should always take a few minutes to just talk to your subjects. Be warm, genuine, and friendly. Smile at them! If you are taking photos of children, play with them, ask them about their favorite toys or games. Basically, engage as a friendly person before you point a camera at them.

Show them the really good shots One of the joys of modern digital cameras is the insta…

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