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Seven Important Points to Improve Your Architectural Photography

My day job is architectural photography. Doing that well determines if I can buy groceries for the week or not. I have shot over 1000 properties in the last three years and in doing so, have learned the quickest and easiest ways to achieve success for each shoot. Here are seven important points for shooting architecture that wows.

Straight and Level - I'll admit, it's a pet peeve (only because it drives me crazy when I have issues with it myself), but straight and level, straight and level, straight and level....did I say, straight and level? Because I meant to say that straight and level were important. Vertical lines should be straight, otherwise they have a keystone effect and with wide angle lenses (which are often used for architectural photography) this distortion is extreme.

When I say straight and level, I don't mean that you can't shoot from angles, like corners of the room (in fact, those are often nice compositions). What I mean is that the camera should alwa…

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