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Nashville at f/2.8 Using Hyperfocal Distance

It was a dark and stormy night....

Well, it was almost dark with the occasional sprinkle. I was in downtown Nashville, having lugged a heavy backpack full of equipment (making a note to self that the really expensive carbon fiber tripod might truly be a worthwhile investment) that I might need in order to capture some cool
night/blue hour shots.

I scouted the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge and found some angles I thought would be good, sat down for a few to rest and enjoy the beautiful live music and people watch till it got a bit darker.

As blue hour began, and the lights I had endeavored to capture started to come to life, I started shooting, setting aperture at f/8.0 - f/11 even bumping up to f/16 and f/22, keeping ISO at 200 (to avoid having noisy images) in order to experiment with longer shutter speeds and the effects created.

Then, I see it, the General Jackson Showboat. Too cool! Thank goodness it was coming slow enough to do some quick setting changes. I wanted to catch it, in f…

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