Saving and Restoring Specific Matterport Scans Using iTunes

First, let me preface this by saying I am in no way affiliated with Matterport or iTunes (also, any images/brand icons/etc used are for educational purposed only) and this, by no means, has been sanctioned or approved by Matterport or iTunes and I can make no guarantees, so use at your own risk. I can only say that I do this on a regular basis as I typically scan about 100 properties a year where I often have to reload a scan for an update (such as one room) of a property. Being able to reload a specific scan saves me a lot of time!

I see lots of tutorials about backing up your Matterport scans to iTunes, but not any about loading a specific (or group of specific) scans back onto your iPad. Being a photographer with a Computer Science degree comes in handy sometimes in understanding how things work from the geek-side of things. So, I decided to figure if it were possible and (good news!) it is!

Here is the step-by-step of how to do this for yourself. No need to thank me now, but you are welcome! :)

For an easier version to read with clickable links and copyable text, here is the pdf.
Saving and Restoring Specific Matterport Scans PDF file


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